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Mint Marks and Value of the 1879 Silver Dollar

Mint Marks and Value of the 1879 Silver Dollar

The 1879 silver dollar was one of the silver coins produced in the late 1800’s by acclaimed engraver George T. Morgan. The silver dollar of 1879 was produced after the Bland-Allison Act that required the Treasury to buy a specified amount of silver and turn it into coins.

The coin contains 0.77 ounces of silver which is worth [...]

A Little History on the Mercury Dime

The Content, Value, and Grading of Mercury Dime Coins

The minting of the Mercury Dime began in June 1916. Prior to that, the three silver coins that were in circulation since 1892 had become unpopular with the public. This unpopularity caused leaders with the authority to make the changes, to begin planning for the replacement of the original Mercury Dime. However, due to previously imple[...]

Short History of the Civil War Tokens

1863 CH Original Civil War Token

Civil war tokens were produced during the Civil war, the majority were created and were in popular circulation between 1863 and 1964. There were three types of tokens; store cards, patriotic tokens and sulter tokens. Production came to an end [...]

Announce 2018 Gold Bullion Pre-Orders Are Now Available

Announce 2018 Gold Bullion Pre-Orders Are Now Available

As one of the top providers of gold and silver bullion coins, Chula Vista Coins is proud to announce that 2018 gold and silver bullions are now available for pre-orders. As a direct provider of gold and silver coins in southern California for over the last 40 years, Chula Vista Coins is a trusted source for reliable, common and rare co[...]

The Morgan Silver Dollar - Past & Present - Gold and Silver Coins

The History of the Morgan Silver Dollar
Past, Present & Future

The price of gold and silver is in a trading range. That range is around $1,200 as of November 24, 2017. Investing in a physical coin would be a very practical solution for your investing needs. The numismatic value of a coin increases due to the fact that they are rare and are collectible. This is in addition to the gold and silver co[...]

The History of the Mexican Gold Peso

The History of the Gold Mexican Peso

The history of the gold Mexican peso is fraught with many historical perils. Like many stories, it also has is days of triumph and glory. The historical past of the Mexican peso both non-gold and gold pesos is highlighted in this article. For historical purposes, we will focus on the details of major events over the last couple hundred[...]

A Crash Course into The History of Pre-1933 Gold Coins

A Crash Course into The History of Pre-1933 Gold Coins

When you look at a historic gold coin, what do you think of? Well, if you're an investor, you're probably looking at its long-term value, maybe it's short-term value if you're investing at the right time.

If you're a collector, you are probably in love with your coin and look at it every day with passio[...]