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  • American Eagle Gold Coins Compared to Other Investments

American Eagle Gold Coins Compared to Other Investments

The American Gold Eagle is one of America's most sought after collection. It's presents great value for investors and collectors alike. It is a great and safe first time investments for novice gold investors. Although you can expect to pay a good price for a ounce American Gold Eagle, you are also making an investment that will last a life time... Or at least till you get rid of it.

The American Gold Eagle has a great history behind it and we have brought a little of that history to you in this latest article via our Google Blogger. If you've ever wanted a hobby that dealt with precious metals. You are on the right track with gold and silver coins.

Visit our full article and engage with us! we love to hear back from you.[...]

  • Why Are Certified Coins A Good Investment

Why Are Certified Coins A Good Investment

There are a good number of grading companies that are focused on providing impartially grading procedures. However, not all grading companies are created equal. There are about 2 or 3 grading companies that are reliable, has ample credibility and will ensure that your certified gold and silver coins will hold their certified value for years to come[...]

  • Investing in Gold VS Investing in Bitcoins

Investing in Gold VS Investing in Bitcoins

Bitcoins to many is a very complex system of currency. How the knots and bolts behind the curtain of this currency is operated is difficult to understand yet it is very transparent. However, like any monetary system, it is also susceptible to abuse by those that have the means, the will and the knowledge to abuse the system and the losers in this system.

Bitcoins is a decentralized monetary digital currency that was originally created by software developer Natoshi Nakamoto. Natoshi proposed this innovative monetary philosophy back in 2008 and in a very expedient way was able to make it widely available by 2009. It is wide consensus that this is the world's first decentralized digital currency.[...]

  • Prospects For Gold & Silver in 2017

Prospects For Gold & Silver in 2017

2016 brought a very interesting cycle to the financial market trends. A lot of this is attributed to the highly politicized Presidential election. After the U.S. Presidential elections, gold hit a bit of a nosedive - which surprisingly enough - has some investment opportunist on the optimistic side of things.

It is with good merit they are optimistic as gold is already up 2% for the first 2 weeks of the month of January and silver is up about 4% for the same time period. This rally could continue to increase or decline based on U.S. economic trends during 2017.[...]

  • The Trend of Gold & Silver After The New Administration

The Trend of Gold & Silver After The New Administration

This election season has brought about a lot of uncertainty to some and yet optimism for others. Between the markets fluctuating during the election week, the major drop on election day and the bull market post election, what are we to expect over the coming years?

No one really knows what we will happen over the next 8 years but we will try to analyze the trend of gold and silver post 2016 election year. Lets see based on historical data, if we can predict what will happen over the next 12 months. We will come back to this article at a later date and see if our predictions are true or false and why that is the case.[...]