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Various Years $2 Gold Mexican Peso

  • $2 Gold Mexican Peso

Various Years $2 Gold Mexican Peso

The Gold Mexican Peso is one of the most sought after gold coins. Historically, the Mexican gold coin was considered one of the most purest gold coins across the world until the 1967 Krugerrand was created which then took that mantle from the Gold Mexican Peso. This amazing $2 Gold Mexican Peso was originally introduced in 1919, however, unfortunately the coin was discontinued in 1920. The $2 gold Mexican peso was later reintroduced in the year 1944 and was minted until 1948. The $2 Gold Mexican peso has different masses based on the year it was minted.

$2 Gold Mexican pesos between the years of 1919 to 1948 have a mass of 1.67 grams, 1921 has a mass of 16.67 grams, 1992 to present have a mass of 5.19 grams. Here is an article you we have provided you on the History of the Mexican Gold Peso

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