South African Gold Krugerrand

2018 South African Gold Krugerrand

In the hopes of increasing the outreach of the South African gold supply across the world; in 1967 the South African Mint created the Gold Krugerrand to do just that. The name of the South African Krugerrand itself is a combination of both the previous South African President and the unit of current in South Africa. Both "Kruger" as the President and "Rand" as the unit of currency respectively. By the 1980 the South African Krugerrand accounted for at least 90% of the world's gold coin supply.

A Look Back at the South African Krugerrand

Due to the Apartheid Regime & their policies between 1948 to 1991 which institutionalized a system of segregation and discrimination in South Africa. The United States and other western countries decided to implement a ban on the imports of the South African Gold Krugerrand in defiance of the Apartheid Regime. Another Historical fact, due to the economics and political changes in South Africa, the production of the South African Krugerrand has varied widely. Pre-international sanction levels were well over the 1 million coins minted per year during the years of 1974 and 1978. However, between the years of 1967-1969 the South African Mint created just around 40K with a drastic increase up to 200K minted coins per year between 1970 to 1973.

Some of the units we carry at CVC are:

2018 1 oz South African Gold Krugerrand
2018 1/2 oz South African Gold Krugerrand
2018 1/4 oz South African Gold Krugerrand
2018 1/10 oz South African Gold Krugerrand

The coin is minted with a combination of both copper and gold alloy which makes it stronger and more reliable with over 50 mil oz of Krugerrand's sold since its inception. Unfortunately this vehicle for private ownership of South African gold met its match when the Apartheid policies were implemented but was release from sanctions in 1991 when the apartheid policies ended.

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