Chinese Silver Panda Various Dates

Chinese Silver Panda

2018 30 Grams Chinese Silver Panda is a great collectible piece as the State routinely alters the design of the obverse every year. In that sense, the number of pieces to be produced is limited. The State replaced the 1 oz Silver Panda with this 30-gram coin although the purity of the silver is still .999.

The Chinese government first began circulation of this series in 1983. The proof quality back then was 0.900 silver (about 27 grams). The mint was good only for 10,000 each year so it was also a limited number.

In 1986 and 1988, there were no Silver Pandas issued, and there's no reason given either (although speculation point to necessity as the Chinese government was probably more interest in realigning the priorities of the Mint to other high-value products). However, in 1986, the State produced the Gold Panda proof series-with the "PQuot; mark on the reverse-although the coins stopped circulation back in 1992.

The design itself is nothing like the rest of the world. Where else can you find something as cute as a panda on the obverse side of the coin? With the 2018 Chinese Silver Panda, the black and white bear is beloved and widely recognized across the globe. True to its nature, the design of this piece depicts the Panda eating its favorite bamboo shoot.

On the reverse side, you have the iconic Temple of Heaven, which is an important structure in Beijing because this is where royalties, dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, make their ceremonial prayers for a good harvest and good luck.

The Chinese characters lining up the inside edge of the coin, directly above the temple of heaven, simply mean "People's Republic of China," while the date of issue is engraved at the bottom.

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