Gold Mexican Pesos

The Gold Mexican Peso

The Mexican Peso's history is littered with moments in time that transformed its coinage into what it is today. The Mexican Peso is now known as one of the most traded currencies in the world. Being the 6th most traded currency and the 3rd to 4th most traded that originates in the Americas.

When the Mexican Peso was created, it was not one of the most stable currencies. However, after the turn of the 20th century, the Mexican Peso became a more stable currency to work with for many investors and Nations. This was especially the case in most Southern Latin American Countries.

During the OPEC oil embargo crisis of the 1970's, the Nation of Mexico began to default on eternal debt. This eventually caused several years of severe case of capital flights and eventually caused additional inflation and devaluation of their currency. This was finally turned around during the Stability and Economic Growth Pact of 1993.

The $2 Gold Mexican Peso was produced by the Mexican mint during the mintage of 1919 and continued through until the 1920's. Roughly, a little over 1.6 million were minted during this period and later resumed in production during the middle to late 1940's. The Mint later decided to re-strike matte versions in 1996. Then again between 2000 to 2009 where an additional 250,000+ were struck dated as 1945.

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