Pre 1933 Gold

Pre-1933 gold coins - as a circulated denomination - has been obsolete. The Coinage Act of 1972 allowed for original Eagle values to be designated for gold coinage by the United States Mint. 1933 is a significant turning point in American History when concerning gold, it was the year gold was removed from circulation. Prior to this date the Eagle was the largest denomination along with the cent, dime and dollar. Unit of denomination for the Eagle was used as the basis for the following gold Eagle coins.

Gold Quarter-Eagle (US $2.50)

Gold Half-Eagle (US $5.00)

Eagle (US $10.00)

Double-Eagle Coin (US $20.00)

Before 1933, the unit of denomination was associated to the precious or semi-precious metal that composed the major portion of the alloy in the coin. This was modeled after European long-standing standard practices. Throughout the years, there have been decreases and increases in the gold content in minted coins. 22 Karat is the standard gold, in 1834 the gold content was lowered to 89.92%. In 1937, the gold content was raised to 90%, after 1982, the gold standard was re-established at .900.

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