Q's & A's

How can I send a gift or ship to another address?

All online orders must ship to your billing address. If you wish to have your order sent to an address other than your billing address, please call 1—619—427—9154.

How can I tell if you received my order?

After sending your order you will receive a receipt page including an order number and details on your order. The receipt page can be printed for your records if you want. We&

Can I change my order after it's sent?

Once your order is submitted, it can't be changed online because it's automatically processed as soon as you complete the checkout process. If you would like to atte

Can I cancel Backordered items?

You can cancel your backordered item by sending us an email or call 1—619—427—9154. As long as the order has not shipped. Please include your name, address, order number and

When will my order ship?

At any time you may track the status of your order by calling customer service at 1—619—427—9154. Most orders will be shipped within 2 6 business days. Some orders are the e

Can Chula Vista Coins & Stamps Cancel My Order?

Although we make every effort to ensure information and product availability is accurate, there are very rare occasions when errors occur. We reserves the right to cancel any

Can I change the email address I use to log into chulavistacoins.com?

Yes, first you will have to login to your personal account. Logging in ensures the security of your account information. Once you're logged in we'll take you right t

How do I know the products are authentic?

Chula Vista Coins & Stamps provides a guarantee for all products we sell for the life of those products as long as they are in the hands of the original buyer.

What sort of guarantees do you offer in regards to the volatility of the metals market?

Customer acknowledges that the rare coin market is speculative, unregulated and volatile, and that coin prices may rise or fall over time. Chula Vista Coins & Stamps is not an

What is the Troy Weight System?

Troy weight is a system of measurement for precious metals where a pound is equivalent to 12 ounces. The standard weight system utilized by the U.S. and England for measuring